Oscar Domingo

Up and running with mynt

Published Sunday, July 18, 2021

So I finally got around setting up a blog on my personal site, and I did it with mynt (https://mynt.uhnomoli.com/), a simple, lean and to the point static site generator written in Python, you can see the code here:

I followed the Quickstart guide (https://mynt.uhnomoli.com/docs/quickstart/) and I adapted the html and CSS from my live site, into mynt, I changed a bit the CSS, removing crust and using a simpler CSS reset (https://piccalil.li/blog/a-modern-css-reset/), and implement CSS for the new pages.

So far the experience is good, will keep you posted.

To innagurate the blog with a Tutorial on Setting up Notea with docker-compose:

Please enjoy the site!

Tags » blog, css, html, python, ssg, static site generator